Trying to Beat My Blerch, Hurting My Foot, and Getting My Diet Back On Track

Hi everyone! How has your week been? To be honest, I was actually feeling pretty uninspired over the past couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure part of my issue was dietary related, and part of my issue was injury related. My Blerch was definitely chasing me for a while but I think I'm starting to outrun him. If you don't know what the Blerch is, you need to go read the comic linked here so you understand what I'm talking about.  Go ahead, I'll wait. In that comic, Matthew Inman (aka The Oatmeal) talks about how he doesn't believe in the wall, but rather he believes in the Blerch. For the past few runs I've felt the Blerch stalking me me like a predator, trying to get me to stop and be lazy. All week I've been feeling more exhausted when running and instead of thinking I'm hitting the wall I keep thinking it's just the Blerch getting too close for comfort and trying to grab me to slow me down. Overall I have been able to work to fend off the

Post Whole30 Recap and Becoming More Body Positive

Hello everyone! How has your week been? I waited until today to make my next post specifically because yesterday (2/2/18) I successfully finished my first ever Whole30! I've made 2 previous attempts at completing the Whole30 only to fail miserably about half way through. I think I've identified 2 big problems from prior attempts and made big strides to correct said problems before this attempt. My big problems were: Not having a full understanding of the program before starting it, and Not having a good support group to help me through the process. Fixing my understanding of the program was actually pretty simple thanks to some of the newer resources that have been released for the Whole30 program. I already had the The Whole30 Guidebook  on hand and that gave me an ok overview of the program, but I still felt like I was winging it and didn't completely know what I was doing. Late last year I actually sprung for a few more resources.  First I got a copy of  It

4 Tips for Cold Weather Running, OrangeTheory Demo, and Quick Sweet Potato Recipe

Apologies for being late with this week's post. I over scheduled myself for this week so I wasn't able to get my writing done during my usual Wednesday time slot. Lesson learned and next week I'll be cutting back on my commitments. But I'm here, so on with the show! I'll return with my normal goal and training recaps next week, but this week I wanted to share with you something important, something fun, and something tasty. So without further ado... 3 Tips for Cold Weather Running It's winter here in New England, which means I'll usually run into a mixed bag of weather and road conditions. In the past that would usually stop me, but I'm not letting it stop me this year. Just the other day I managed to get out for a run in some rainy/snowy weather for the first time ever! I did get back just before the roads started to ice up, which was a good thing because my sneakers weren't that great on slick surfaces. But Tuesday's run inspired me to sha

4 Reasons Why I've Stopped Using Headphones When I Run

Well hello there! How has your week been? Weekly Recap This week I finally got back out running. Yeah, it's been cold around here but as long as there isn't snow on the ground I'll still try and go out. I just don't have (and can't afford) proper shoes for snow running right now so safety comes first and I'll cross train on snow days. To recap, my last few training runs went as follows: Sunday 1/14/18 - 2.12 miles, 26:59 time, 12:43 pace Tuesday 1/16/18 - 3.41 miles, 45:02 time, 13:11 pace Wednesday 1/17/18 - Snow day! I cross trained by snowblowing 3 driveways Thursday 1/18/18 - 3.40 miles, 42:56 time, 12:37 pace Friday 1/19/18 - Ye Olde Rest Day On Sunday and Tuesday my breathing was more of an issue than my legs being out of shape whereas on Thursday I did see a good bit of improvement. I know the breathing will improve in time so I just need to stick with it. I also challenged myself with some hills on Tuesday and Thursday to start building ba

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Race Planning, Last Week's Goal Review, and Other Random Stuff

Greetings Dear Readers! How has your week been? Done any running or participated in any races? Feel free to comment below to tell me what you've been up to! Right now I'm on the illness DL temporarily due to the lingering chest cold I still have. Talk about a major buzzkill since that's really put a damper on my training program (womp womp). But I'm being a good athlete and I've scheduled an appointment to go see my doctor about not only that but a couple other lingering health issues I've put on the back burner. I've been a lifelong asthmatic and, while it's been in control for a very long time (I haven't needed an inhaler in 3 years), you can never be too cautious. Moving on... How My Week Went So this week was a mix of ups and downs, with most of the ups and downs being food related. The good news is, things are starting to stabilize and, we can all agree, is a good thing. The big thing was staying on budget this week. I got a very genero

Welcome to the Blog and Hangover Classic Recap

Hello and welcome! I've been meaning to restart some sort of blog for a while and here I am finally doing it! Huzzah! Does Happy Dance! Actually, I'm not really doing a happy dance, mostly because I have 2 left feet and would fall flat on my rear. But I digress... So why did I start this blog? It's mostly to log my journey to finally finishing my first marathon. Last year I set a goal of finishing one and bombed miserably. I had too many things going on, I moved, work was funky... Yeah, those are all excuses, and I agree they aren't good ones. But when I re-framed what happened with my training in 2017 I realized that I had other things that were more of a priority that had to be settled so now I finally have a clear head to focus on my personal health and wellness. Hence, this year the big goal of running a marathon is my primary focus yet again. 2018 - New Year, New Me! Now for the actual content. Weekly Goals Right now I'm fighting a chest cold (