4 Reasons Why I've Stopped Using Headphones When I Run

Well hello there! How has your week been?

Weekly Recap
This week I finally got back out running. Yeah, it's been cold around here but as long as there isn't snow on the ground I'll still try and go out. I just don't have (and can't afford) proper shoes for snow running right now so safety comes first and I'll cross train on snow days.

To recap, my last few training runs went as follows:

  • Sunday 1/14/18 - 2.12 miles, 26:59 time, 12:43 pace
  • Tuesday 1/16/18 - 3.41 miles, 45:02 time, 13:11 pace
  • Wednesday 1/17/18 - Snow day! I cross trained by snowblowing 3 driveways
  • Thursday 1/18/18 - 3.40 miles, 42:56 time, 12:37 pace
  • Friday 1/19/18 - Ye Olde Rest Day
On Sunday and Tuesday my breathing was more of an issue than my legs being out of shape whereas on Thursday I did see a good bit of improvement. I know the breathing will improve in time so I just need to stick with it. I also challenged myself with some hills on Tuesday and Thursday to start building back the muscle.

Goal Recap
  • Finish week 2 of the Whole30. I have successfully made it through 2 weeks of the Whole30 and I'm still feeling great! Random Discovery: If you bring your own ghee and salad dressing, it's actually really easy to stay compliant if you eat out at the Texas Roadhouse. I had a steak cooked plain with no seasoning, a salad with no cheese or croutons (this is where bring your own dressing comes in handy), and a baked potato with ghee.
  • Start working out again. I think it's safe to say 
  • Read for 30 minutes each day. Once again this went by the wayside. I think I'm going to take it off my goal list 
  • Make my office space more presentable. This is still a work in progress. But I do have one box of stuff to bring to the thrift store.
Featured Commentary - Why I've Stopped Using Headphones When I Run
When I started running again this week I decided to go back to basics and run without headphones. There are many reasons why I decided to stop using them, but here are the big 4 reasons why I've stopped.
  1. It's too distracting and not very safe. I run mostly on rural back roads and I'm also near a school so there is typically a lot of traffic at certain times of the day. The roads are also narrow so when I'm running I have to be very aware of my surroundings so I don't get hit by someone who isn't paying attention.
  2. I can't focus on my breathing. Believe it or not, effective breathing can make or break you when it comes to running. When I run with headphones and there is music on my breathing tends to stray away from my footsteps and I wind up hyperventilating. Without that distraction I can focus on aligning my breathing with my steps and the risk of hyperventilating is greatly reduced. 
  3. I stress myself out. Basically I find that I want to run faster when I listen to something but my body just isn't ready for the stress of going faster. Then I get frustrated when I don't get as far as I want before I tire out.
  4. My runs seem to go much faster. This plays hand in hand with me stressing myself out. When I'm listening to something and I'm not getting very far I get upset at myself. But since ditching the headphones I've found that I don't really notice how far I've gone and don't feel the need to check my time or distance every 2 seconds. I just run, enjoy the scenery, and focus on my form and breathing.
So there you have it. 4 reasons why I don't run with headphones anymore.

How about you? Do you run with headphones or have you ditched them? Let me know in the comments!


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