Race Planning, Last Week's Goal Review, and Other Random Stuff

Greetings Dear Readers!

How has your week been? Done any running or participated in any races? Feel free to comment below to tell me what you've been up to!

Right now I'm on the illness DL temporarily due to the lingering chest cold I still have. Talk about a major buzzkill since that's really put a damper on my training program (womp womp). But I'm being a good athlete and I've scheduled an appointment to go see my doctor about not only that but a couple other lingering health issues I've put on the back burner. I've been a lifelong asthmatic and, while it's been in control for a very long time (I haven't needed an inhaler in 3 years), you can never be too cautious.

Moving on...

How My Week Went
So this week was a mix of ups and downs, with most of the ups and downs being food related. The good news is, things are starting to stabilize and, we can all agree, is a good thing. The big thing was staying on budget this week. I got a very generous belated Christmas gift from my dad on Saturday so today I was able to send a very large payment to my car. What does that mean for me? That means I'm about 1(ish) payment away from owning my car free and clear! I'm already working on next weeks budget to see if I can plan it carefully enough to send the official payoff check. Worse comes to worse I'll have to push it out to the following pay period and just send a small payment to take care of the remainder of the balance.

I've busted my butt and struggled for almost 5 years to pay off my car and I can't believe in a few short weeks it will officially be mine!

Side note: my car's name is Brian, after Brian Blessed (he was in the Flash Gordon movies back in the 1980's and is also the voice of Boss Nass in Star Wars Episode 1). If you don't know who Brian Blessed is, just watch this video of him doing snooker commentary. And yes, even my GPS features the voice of Brian Blessed. He gets really excited when you arrive at your destination or have to pay a toll along your route.

Weekly Goals Recap and This Week's Goals
Last week I wrote down a series of goals to try and stick with for the week. Some were successful and some were unsuccessful. But that's ok! With me sometimes I'll set myself a few goals for the week with the intent that I'll be able to stick with one and save the rest for a later time.

Hey, whatever works for you, right?

So to recap here are last week's goals along with commentary on how each one went.

  • Stick with the Whole30 all week.
    • Success! I am proud to say I'm on day 8 of the program and I don't feel as nervous about it this time. In general I've been surrounding myself with much more supportive people and that helps keep me going. I've also noticed a bit of my eczema has been clearing up and that caffeine really messes with me bad. I like iced tea and usually have emergency unsweetened tea on hand so yesterday I took some time and just made my own decaf. Problem solved! Also, the Instant Pot has been a huge lifesaver this time around. I can make several days worth of meals in one go!
  • Write a blog post once a week.
    • Success! It's week 2 and here's blog post 2! Now to keep going with this.
  • No laptop before bed.
    • Epic fail. We can't win all our battles, right?
  • Read for 30 minutes each day. I've been trying to read 30 minutes of non-fiction and 30 minutes of fiction just so I have variety.
    • Semi-victory. I have been reading more but sometimes haven't gotten in my full 30 minutes.
This week my goals are:
  • Finish week 2 of the Whole30. This week is usually the toughest for me and the week I fell off the wagon in my past attempts.
  • Start working out again! I have medications from the doctor to clear it up so next week I should be ready to rock and roll by the middle of next week. I might sign up to try out OrangeTheory but we'll see how I feel.
  • Read for 30 minutes each day. This is a continuation of last week's goal.
  • Make my office space more presentable. I currently live with my dad and work odd hours so my room is actually my room/office/kitchen. Part of my problem is I get easily distracted (thanks ADHD) but I have my meds refilled now so I'll see if that helps me stay focused.

Race Planning Update
I'm officially signed up for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in October! I was going to attempt my first marathon this past fall but had so much going on that it just wasn't going to happen. Specifically I signed up for the Ultra Loony Challenge which consists of a 10k and a 5k on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday. My ultimate goal is to complete the Run Disney Dopey Challenge at some point so this will be a good way to preview what I should expect.

I'm also volunteering to help Operation Valor in 2018! This is the first time I've volunteered for anything and I'm really excited about the opportunity to help. Ultimately I'd love to be able to attend the gala and Spartan Race in October as well, although I don't know if I'll run the Spartan since it will be just a couple weeks after the marathon (I made the mistake of running a Spartan 2 weeks after a half marathon 2 years ago and it wasn't fun). But I can always volunteer at the event and it will give me a chance to visit Texas for the first time.

As it stands now, here is my current confirmed race calendar:
I'll be adding races throughout the year and will be making a page with my races and results soon so stay tuned.

Does anybody else have any races coming up? How has your goal planning and training been going in 2018?


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