Welcome to the Blog and Hangover Classic Recap

Hello and welcome!

I've been meaning to restart some sort of blog for a while and here I am finally doing it! Huzzah!

Does Happy Dance!

Actually, I'm not really doing a happy dance, mostly because I have 2 left feet and would fall flat on my rear. But I digress...

So why did I start this blog? It's mostly to log my journey to finally finishing my first marathon. Last year I set a goal of finishing one and bombed miserably. I had too many things going on, I moved, work was funky... Yeah, those are all excuses, and I agree they aren't good ones.

But when I re-framed what happened with my training in 2017 I realized that I had other things that were more of a priority that had to be settled so now I finally have a clear head to focus on my personal health and wellness. Hence, this year the big goal of running a marathon is my primary focus yet again.

2018 - New Year, New Me!

Now for the actual content.

Weekly Goals
Right now I'm fighting a chest cold (no bueno) so my workouts have been taking a back seat and I've been focusing more on nutrition now that we're past the holidays. I officially started my 3rd attempt at a Whole30 on January 4th and I armed myself with more tools to hopefully help me succeed. So my goals for this week are as follows:

  • Stick with the Whole30 all week. This should be doable with adequate planning.
  • Write a blog post once a week. I've started taking what I called the Richard Branson approach by carrying around a notebook with a pen to write down ideas. I also have a planner to help schedule.
  • No laptop before bed.
  • Read for 30 minutes each day. I've been trying to read 30 minutes of non-fiction and 30 minutes of fiction just so I have variety.
I'll post a recap of my goals next week when I publish my next post.

As mentioned in my goals section, I just started my 3rd attempt at a Whole30. I was going to start on January 1st but had a race that day where beer was available so I decided January 2nd was going to be the day. But then I was supposed to have a family Christmas dinner on January 3rd so I decided I wouldn't stress and start on the 4th. The family dinner got pushed back until the weekend but I decided that January 4th would be the day.

So yeah, it's only been one day, but I've already found some things that will make my life easier. I got the companion journal for the Whole30 and I'm coming to really love the Instant Pot I bought last year but never used until now.

I love food, but I also love meals I can just set and forget about until they're ready. That's why the Instant Pot is so handy!

The Hangover Classic
If you've been watching the news lately, you've probably seen how cold the entire Northeast has been lately.  Actually, I heard they got snow in Florida today so I guess the entire country is cold.

Anyway, I'm running in the Will Run For Beer race series this year and the inaugural race was on New Year's Day at Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts.

For me, I think the best way to describe the race was meh. I was fighting off the same cold I have now so my training was off. Honestly, though, the cold really didn't bother me because I went prepared. I wore 2 tech shirts, a windbreaker, running tights, windproof pants, and I had toe and hand warmers to keep my extremities warm. My final time was 39:09.89, which is my worst performance to date, but race 1 is in the books.

I'm sure I would have done better had I not gotten sick, but illness happens and I was careful not to push things too much.

Proper winter running shoes would have been nice too so I'll have to save up for those (unless any companies want to send me some to try that is).

And with that I conclude this first blog post! It's been swell and I'll be back next week with more stuff.


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