Trying to Beat My Blerch, Hurting My Foot, and Getting My Diet Back On Track

Hi everyone! How has your week been?

To be honest, I was actually feeling pretty uninspired over the past couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure part of my issue was dietary related, and part of my issue was injury related. My Blerch was definitely chasing me for a while but I think I'm starting to outrun him.

If you don't know what the Blerch is, you need to go read the comic linked here so you understand what I'm talking about.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

In that comic, Matthew Inman (aka The Oatmeal) talks about how he doesn't believe in the wall, but rather he believes in the Blerch. For the past few runs I've felt the Blerch stalking me me like a predator, trying to get me to stop and be lazy. All week I've been feeling more exhausted when running and instead of thinking I'm hitting the wall I keep thinking it's just the Blerch getting too close for comfort and trying to grab me to slow me down.

Overall I have been able to work to fend off the Blerch and it's been showing a bit in my running performance over the past couple of weeks.
  • Tuesday 2/6
    • 3.61 miles, 42:49, 11:46/mile
    • 4.88 miles, 54:13, 11:06/mile
  • Thursday 2/8
    • 3.44 miles, 36:54, 10:45/mile
  • Friday 2/9
    • 4.07 miles, 46:59, 11:32/mile
  • Saturday 2/10 5k race simulation
    • 3.11 miles, 32:29, 10:27/mile
  • Tuesday 2/13
    • 3.01 miles, 35:21, 11:44/mile
  • Wednesday 2/14
    • 4.66 miles, 50:32, 10:51/mile
  • Thursday 2/15
    • 4.32 miles, 48:40, 11:16/mile
  • Saturday 2/24
    • 4.37 miles, 47:28, 10:51/mile
If you are wondering why there aren't any training runs between 2/15 and 2/24 there's a very good reason. I was about to head out for a 6 mile run on Saturday 2/17 and took a little slip down some of the stairs in the house. My toes were super sore and I thought it would be prudent to not go for my run since I had to work that night and didn't know what kind of damage I did.

I made an appointment to see the doctor on Monday, but in the meantime I did some research to see what I needed to do just in case I broke a toe (or three). I buddy taped some of my toes, busted out some of my wide support shoes for Saturday, got some rocker soled Hoka shoes for Sunday, and iced whenever possible.

On Monday I went to the doctor and they took 2 sets of x-rays.  On Tuesday I got the results and they thought they saw a chip fracture but couldn't tell with the views they had, so Wednesday I went to the hospital for 3 more views. Tuesday and Wednesday were definitely when I experienced the worst of the swelling and bruising, and to try and mitigate that issue I wore compression socks and kept compression tape on my toes. I also took my shoes off when needed if I felt like the shoes were squeezing my feet too much.

By Thursday I had the final results... I didn't break anything! I just had severe bruising and that just takes time to resolve on its own. I have no idea how I got away with no breaks but I'll take it!

Moral of the story: even if you think it's nothing, go see your doctor if you hurt your foot when you're training for races! My doctor said a broken toe wouldn't stop me from running, but it would dictate what kind of treatment plan we would have taken.

Now getting back to my diet... I've been off the Whole30 for a couple of weeks now and don't plan on doing another one until after I run my marathon. They actually don't recommend attempting a Whole30 while training for a big event like that so I'm going to heed their advice.

I do know that I have to cut out 1 thing on a semi-permanent basis and cut back on 1 other thing. In terms of what I need to cut out semi-permanently, I need to get rid of most dairy. Dairy and me just don't get along, and with all the dairy alternatives out there there is absolutely no reason why this can't be done. The other thing I need to cut back on is sugar because I do feel my sugar dragon starting to rear his ugly head again.

I have made improvements in what I've been eating over the past couple of days and started going back to basics with pre-made healthy foods based on the Whole30 model and building on that. Adding overnight oats has been helpful and I'm going to stock up on salad and eggs again. It's a learning process to find out what works for me but I know I'll get there eventually.

And that wraps up my babbling for this week. Next week starts my first of 3 races in March so it's time to buckle down and work hard so I can do well.


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